December The Lament Configuration

Reno, Nevada’s December has the distinction of being the first American band signed to Earache Records since 1999. They’re a completely overwhelming death/grind/tech metal band that tears through anything in its way. Like an insatiable plague of locusts devouring all its path, December leave an unmistakable trail of destruction in its wake and an impending air of doom before its arrival. With comparisons to the Dillinger Escape Plan and Lamb of God being bandied about, December has more in common with the unorthodox metallic change-ups and tempos of Meshuggah, the more technical death metal bands of the ’90s and the early hyper-grind of Brutal Truth or later Napalm Death. Lacking either the jazz or hardcore influence of Dillinger, comparisons could be drawn with December’s musicianship, which is superb on The Lament Configuration, transcending brutality and technical proficiency. Produced by Canada’s own insane genius Devin Townsend (Strapping Young Lad), December occasionally resembles SYL at their most vicious, and the precision playing, pristine yet aggressive sound and industrial-tinged vocals all bear Devin’s production signature. With The Lament Configuration, December have thrown down an impressive gauntlet, challenging their peers to do them one better, if they can.