Decapitated Nihility

Poland's wildest (move over, Vader) have come into their own on Nihility, their second album. While their debut was a storming death metal experience, it seemed a bit stale and uninventive, Nihility, however, shows Decapitated strutting their technical chops in a way that just may have some of the big-league technical death metal giants biting their nails. The riffs show a nice element of groove within the grindcore madness, and the drumming is absolutely stunning; the double-bass work alone is worth the cost of the disc. Given that they're not as over-the-top tech as some of today's better-known names, Decapitated are actually a more enjoyable listen, combining astounding mathematics with a high enjoyment factor, hindered only by the funny-sounding electronic drum pads that most bands find it necessary to annoy the listener with these days. (Earache)