Death Unearth New Album of Unreleased Material

Death Unearth New Album of Unreleased Material
Most people didn't know about early '70s proto-punks Death until Drag City issued the band's stellar ... For the Whole World to See early last year. A collection of undiscovered gems summoning up the same sort of raw power the Stooges had before them, it was a surprisingly fresh take on Motor City rawk, especially considering the recordings were made nearly 40 years ago.

While original guitarist David Hackney passed away in 2000, his brothers Dannis (drums) and Bobby (Bass) got together to play some reunion gigs with six-stringer Bobbie Duncan for a couple of gigs in support of the release. While it was hinted that more Death material would be unearthed, we didn't think it would be this soon. If you were hoping for even rarer cuts, just wait till you get a load of Spiritual, Mental, Physical; the Hackney brothers had to dig deep in the annals of old Detroit for these ones.

According to a press release, a second album's worth of tunes was recently discovered in the basement of now-defunct recording facility Groovesville Studios by bassist Bobby. The musician rummaged around for hours in the old building before stumbling on a box of masters containing a number of unreleased tracks Death had finished back in the '70s. Finding the long-lost tapes was a watershed moment for the artist. After 34 long years, Death's sophomore set will finally be released.

"I was full of emotion, I cried," Bobby said in a statement, "I called up Dannis who was in Vermont and he began to joyfully celebrate. I thought about David. If David were here with us all that has happened to Death up to this point would pale in comparison to what we found today."

While a tracklist has yet to pop up, Drag City will issue Spiritual, Mental, Physical on January 11.