Death "Playtime" (video)

Death 'Playtime' (video)
Revitalized Detroit proto-punk combo Death just recently delivered their first new album since the '70s, which was coincidentally called N.E.W. Running with a tongue-twisting theme, here, the band have now unveiled a fresh new video for N.E.W. number "Playtime."

The video finds a cast of characters getting up to some fun activities. This includes a pint-sized version of Death rocking out in their practice space and their full-grown counterparts sweating it out onstage.

As the band send out positive-vibes with a song that tells us to not be so uptight and just live in the moment, we also see free-spirited skateboarders pulling off tricks in the streets, b-boys moving their feet and communities rallying together in the name of having a good time.

You'll find the feel-good video down below, courtesy of Okayplayer.

Playtime from DEATHWORLDWIDE on Vimeo.