The Death Set "Negative Thinking"

The Death Set 'Negative Thinking'
I hate to reference such blatantly exploited music markets of the past like Seattle and Halifax (1992), Detroit (2001) and Montreal (2004), but in case you didn’t know, [*adopt Randy Jackson voice*] Baltimore’s got it goin’ on dawg — to the point where soon it will be inundated with Time features and The O’Reilly Factor damning its corruptive influence over our impressionable youth. Okay, I know this isn’t exactly news to any of the B-more scenesters, but as of late the home of the Orioles (and one fine aquarium might I add) has been consistently generating a sick amount of volatile bands that are keeping me fat and full of contentment, kinda like Garfield after a tray of lasagne.

TheDeathSet radiate the same hyper-spastics as fellow B-more jaw-droppers like Dan Deacon, Ponytail and Videohippos. Led by founder Johnny Siera (originally from Sydney, Australia) - the only member that I can actually confirm is currently in the band - theDeathset are a bratty, wound up duo that write rapid, abrasive punk songs with a drum machine that commands you to just get stupid and dance. Taken from their forthcoming full-length, Worldwide (out April 8 on Counter, Ninja Tune’s "rock” imprint ), "Negative Thinking” is an impulsive, sample-heavy firecracker with a super-clap-happy beat and overblown melodies that give you the feeling that they’re taunting you like one of those short bullies with a height complex. It’s a natural born anthem and it’s fun, man.

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TheDeathset "Negative Thinking”