Death Machine Death Machine

Death Machine features the brothers Tipton from technical progressive metal band Zero Hour. This album was originally self-released but Sensory, a label that has made a name for itself with technical prog releases by Spiral Architect and the already mentioned Zero Hour, has re-released it for more widespread availability. Sounding like a cross between Meshuggah and Soilwork with the obvious Zero Hour riffing patterns, this is something that will appeal to both the progressive and the Swedish death metal crowds. Vocalist Throat has the typical death metal cookie monster-style vocals and is the weakest link. Essentially, this is a death metal version of Zero Hour, with their distinct bass and guitar prowess, but what makes this unique amongst all the other extreme bands out there is their playing. They have unbelievable chops and they incorporate a lot of groove, something that is lacking in most similar acts. (Sensory)