Death Grips "Shitshow" (video)

Death Grips 'Shitshow' (video)
"Shitshow" is the latest track Death Grips have shared ahead of dropping their Year of the Snitch LP, and they've now given the short, furious album cut a video.

UPDATE (6/21, 11:35 a.m. EDT): YouTube has pulled the video for violating its community guidelines. Death Grips posted the notice they received from the platform on Twitter, which you can find below.

Directed by the group's Zach Hill and returning collaborator Galen Pehrson, the clip cuts together footage of Hill crawling around on all fours in the Hollywood hills, getting some appropriate reaction from tourists.

Viewers should take note that some strange bathroom humour is worked in to the clip as well, which Hill is all too familiar with.

Watch the video for "Shitshow" below. 

Year of the Snitch arrives on Friday (June 22).