The Dears Announce Degeneration Street Webcast Series

The Dears Announce <i>Degeneration Street</i> Webcast Series
As previously reported, Montreal's the Dears are gearing up to release their next baroque-influenced disc, Degeneration Street. At the time, there wasn't too much known about the album, save that it featured a reunion of sorts, bringing back veteran Dears members with mainstays Murray Lightburn and Natalia Yanchak, and that the slow-burning "Omega Dogs" was its first single. Well, we now have a better idea about the album's tracklisting, and if that isn't enough, the troupe will be premiering the songs via a weekly webcast series leading up to Degeneration Street's February street date.

A press release explains that the Dears will act as radio DJs over the next couple of weeks, bringing fans the new cuts, as well as a host of old favourites. You have to tune in weekly to hear the songs, however. These webcasts, which will be accessible via LiveStream starting today (November 22) at 7 p.m. EST, are one-time airings.

"Remember gathering with friends around the stereo to catch a particular DJ's radio show, knowing they were about to play your favourite band's new song?" the press release reads, "In the same spirit of AM radio, one of anticipation and reward, the Dears' broadcasts will air only once and will not be archived."

It's unclear exactly who will be manning the microphones during the broadcasts, but we're hoping for vocalist Lightburn. The velvet-throated frontman has a voice that was just made for radio.

Check out a list of Degeneration Street tracks as they will be premiering over the next couple of months. It's unclear whether this is the tracklisting proper for the album.

Degeneration Street is due out February 15 on Dangerbird Records in the U.S. and Pheromone Recordings in Canada.

Degeneration Street webcast premiere dates:

11/22 "Omega Dog" and "5 Chords"
11/29 "Blood"
12/6 "Thrones"
12/13 "Lamention," "Torches" and "Galactic Tides"
1/3 "Yesteryear"
1/10 "Stick w/Me Kid"
1/17 "Tiny Man"
1/24 "Easy Suffering"
1/31 "Unsung"
2/7 "1854"
2/14 "Degeneration Street"