Dead Tired James St. North, Hamilton ON, September 12

Dead Tired James St. North, Hamilton ON, September 12
Photo: Atsuko Kobasigawa
George Pettit's new band project, Dead Tired, finds the former Alexisonfire vocalist step into a role as both the frontman and chief lyricist, leading the Hamilton-based five-piece in delivering a set of short, loud, and chaotic hardcore tunes. Still as animated as ever behind the microphone, Pettit was quick to acknowledge it wasn't the most accessible material of the evening for those in attendance, but thanked the Supercrawl organizers for "giving them the chance to alienate passersby" from the stage with their bursts of furious sound.

His vocal style has shifted to more of a shout compared to the screamed vocals of his younger years, at times remaining inaudible over the distorted, muscular twin-guitar attack of Franz Stefanik and Mike Young. Though many opted to listen intently to the new material instead of mosh violently, they were pleased to see a familiar face back up on a stage in the thick of things once again.

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