Dead Cross

"We'll Sleep When They're Dead"

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Mar 18, 2016

Following last year's surprise announcement that former Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo had teamed up with members of the Locust and Retox as Dead Cross, the metal/hardcore supergroup have now revealed their first, flat-out destructive song. It's a wicked, hammered-down piece of punk thrash called "We'll Sleep When They're Dead."

As previously reported, Dead Cross's ranks also include vocalist Gabe Serbian (the Locust, Head Wound City), guitarist Mike Crain (Retox) and bassist Justin Pearson (the Locust, Retox, Head Wound City). Mixing in all the flavours of their past and current acts, the track offers blitzed beats, aggressively chunky riffs and a supremely pissed-off Serbian growing in the mic.

While a forthcoming debut release was recorded with Ross Robinson, the ETA for the record has yet to arrive. You can stream "We'll Sleep When They're Dead" below.

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