Davis Coen Blues Lights For Yours And Mine

With an uncanny vocal resemblance to Peter Wolf, young bluesman Davis Coen cements his entry into the fray with his fifth release. It’s a somewhat loose affair — the title track is built upon the back of Lance Ashley’s B3 and Coen’s own roughshod guitar noodling, his vocals are beyond relaxed and, at times, less than what might be expected professionally. Yet the second original track reveals a charm in all this rag-taggery, as Coen’s vocals bring life to "Mambo Jumbo,” the organ again flirting with carnie-like percussion. By Coen’s take on the traditional "Jack of Diamonds,” the relationship is set. Coen’s off-kilter use of slide guitar injects the potentially tired piece with new life and his rhythm section completes the picture. The music sounds highly impromptu as it takes on a country blues flair, revealing depth and ability that reveal themselves after the first few listens. "New Shoes Blues” adds Adrian Duke’s piano as Coen’s voice transforms looseness into an art form, warbling and crooning its way addictively. The surprises don’t stop there, as Coen tackles Bob Wills’ "Don’t Let the Deal Go Down,” owning it. "Accelerated Woman” is also his, casting his guitar playing in new light, turning the song into a blues jam worthy of any dark, seedy juke or dance hall. Brand this "Americana” with a side of New Orleans. (Soundview)