Dave Riley & Bob Corritore Travelin' The Dirt Road

Riley is a Mississippi born vocalist/guitarist who after a performing hiatus has been active the last ten years, working with the late John Weston and others. On Riley’s second CD as a leader, he’s teamed with Chicago born harpist Corritore, who also serves as producer for his Blue Witch imprint. All but two of the ten songs feature a band format. The "originals” may sound very familiar but that shouldn’t be surprising — these tracks are Delta-infused electric blues that are closer to the classic Chicago blues style than the North Mississippi variant popularised by R.L. Burnside. What makes this a good blues recording is its ability to transcend the genre’s limitations through spirited performances. Riley’s gritty vocals are convincing, as when he’s declaring his desire for the object of his dreams during "Come Here Woman.” A sly, salacious tone, with an added dose of humour, is heard in "I’m Not Your Junkman” or the acoustic "Overalls.” Corritore varies his harp playing, nicely matching each song’s mood. As the principle soloist, he keeps things short, masterfully adding fills behind Riley’s singing. (Blue Witch)