Darq E Freaker


BY Pierre John FelcenlobenPublished Mar 30, 2016

If you grew up with early '90s video game consoles, you'll like ADHD, the new album by Darq E Freaker (aka Jeremiah Nteh), right away. The hyperactive style of his production extracts inspiration from Street Fighter games as much as artists like TNGHT, managing to present an ironic level of control in the drug-induced haze suggested by its song names.
The drum patterns anchor the proceedings here, proving four walls to cushion the rest of the instrumentals bouncing around. Nteh uses a rising high-pitched vocal sample reminiscent of Yoshi rocketing into the sky on "Mosquito Bite" to further evoke a cubic two-dimensional world, but he also leaves plenty of time to explore a hybridity of grime's pounding bass and hi-hat-heavy trap aesthetics. "Hallucinate" toes an organized snare drum pattern leading to a booming drop, while low bass leads the rest of the tinkering chaos on "Flabbergasted," disintegrating into a slowed feathery outro.
All sprightly tempos and neon texture, ADHD is perfect for keeping a dance floor electrified, even if there's not much to invest in emotionally here.
(Big Dada)

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