Darkside Detail 'Spiral' LP, Share New Single "The Limit"

BY Alex HudsonPublished Apr 8, 2021

Darkside had already announced their sophomore album was arriving this year, and now the duo of Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington have announced the details of Spiral. It will be out July 23 via Matador Records.

A press release explains that, following their breakthrough album Psychic in 2013, the group reconvened in 2018 in Flemington, NJ. Six of the new album's cuts came from that initial session, with the other three coming later.

Harrington said in a statement, "It felt like it was time again. We do things in this band that we would never do on our own. Darkside is the third being in the room that just kind of occurs when we make music together."

Below, listen to the newly unveiled single "The Limit." The Spiral tracklist is below that; it includes the previously released "Liberty Bell."


1. Narrow Road
2. The Limit
3. The Question Is to See It All
4. Lawmaker
5. I'm the Echo
6. Spiral
7. Liberty Bell
8. Inside Is Out There
9. Only Young

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