Darkflight Under the Shadow of Fear

Although it starts off much like a doom metal soundtrack for Dr. Who, Darkflight’s Under the Shadow of Fear is more fantasy than sci-fi. Songs drenched in many-textured synth orchestrations evoke a new age kind of feel, but gloomy, laden with fear and threat. Obviously the mood and title go hand in hand. Darkflight is a one-man project, except for a guest female vocalist. That, and its slow, slow pace may account for the album’s barrenness — Darkflight’s sound is big and ominous, but in its own way, simplistic as well. The overwhelming extent of keyboard use on the CD might be a bit suffocating for some, but devotees of the genre should appreciate Darkflight’s brooding charm and careful craftsmanship. Of special mention: the track "A Call for the Dragon.” (Rage Of Achilles)