Dark for Dark

Rocket Room, St. John's, April 25

Photo: Vish Khanna

BY Vish KhannaPublished Apr 26, 2015

Haunting vocal harmonies and subtly intricate musicianship enable Dark for Dark to stand out from the crowded field of introspective, dark-hued folk that so many sow seeds in.
The frontline is a democracy of three female singers who melt and clash with one another accordingly, Opry-friendly were it the golden age of country music. If the Drag City logo appeared on a Dark for Dark record, no one would bat an eye. The band make the kind of spellbinding and alluring siren songs that Faun Fables or Bonny 'Prince' Billy might baffle and amaze the world with.
To say it might be more inviting isn't to short-change their multilayered sophistication, but Dark for Dark's conjuring of subterranean emotions possesses instantaneous accessibility.   They're not looking for cheap crowd sing-alongs or foot stomps. Dark for Dark are warm yet elusive, connecting without pandering, and their future is as bright as the sun rising along the Nashville skyline.

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