Danzig Writes New Tune for The Hangover Part II

Danzig Writes New Tune for <i>The Hangover Part II</i>
The last we heard from metal lord Glenn Danzig, he was gearing up to tackle some Elvis and Black Sabbath classics for a new, as-of-yet untitled covers album. Well, it looks like the guy hasn't given up on writing his own music just yet, as he's signed on to write a track for upcoming comedy flick The Hangover Part II.

Those who saw the hilarious first instalment of the series no doubt remember that it featured the singer's "Thirteen," from 1999's 6:66 Satan's Child. Director Todd Phillips and musical supervisor George Drakoulias apparently wanted a repeat for the sequel and asked Danzig for an exclusive cut, and the musician has come through on his end of the bargain. He's penned a spooky new one named "Black Hell" for the film, which finds the cast stranded in Bangkok following a bachelor party.

"I've commissioned one original song for The Hangover Part II by my good friend Glenn Danzig, as you know my punk rock roots in my first movie," Phillips recently told Collider. "I love Danzig, always have, he sang the first song in the first Hangover, 'Thirteen' but that was his song, and I went to him and said 'would you write a song for The Hangover Part II for the title sequence?' and he did and it's fuckin' awesome."

A soundtrack has yet to be announced for the film, but we can likely expect "Black Hell" to pop up on it. Meanwhile, The Hangover Part II opens in theatres May 26.

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