Danzig Unimpressed by Henry & Glenn Forever Comic

Danzig Unimpressed by <i>Henry & Glenn Forever</i> Comic
Nearly ever publication (including ours) asked just one question when they first saw Henry & Glenn Forever, the collection of zines that portrayed Glenn Danzig and Henry Rollins as "more than friends": what will Glenn think of this? Well, the man behind the Misfits and Danzig is now aware of the comic, and as it turns out, he's none too amused.

Danzig found out about the comic done by "art fraternity" Igloo Tornado in an interview with Decibel Magazine and expressed his displeasure, refusing to even look at the creation. Now, instead of turning tail and running, those pesky Igloo Tornado fellows created The Final Blow, a comic documenting what happened when the Decibel interviewer tried to show Danzig the collection, plus an imaginary scenario where their relationship is again misconstrued after the interviewer sees what looks like Danzig giving Rollins fellatio.

The comic's artist, Tom Neely, will have the comic available as a poster at the I Will Destroy You/Sparkplug Comic Books booth (booth #1630) at San Diego's Comic-Con 2010 next week.

There is no word from Danzig yet on the Final Blow comic yet.

Thanks to The Daily Swarm for the heads-up.