Danzig Sheds More Light on New Covers Record

Danzig Sheds More Light on New Covers Record
A while back, we learned that metal lord Glenn Danzig was putting together a new covers album that would see him tackling a few of his favourite acts, from Black Sabbath to Elvis Presley. While the specifics are still scant, the iconic heavy music crooner has revealed some more info as to who he will be toasting on the upcoming, as-of-yet untitled tribute disc.

A recent interview had Danzig confirming the Sabbath and Elvis nods, but he also shed light on some less obvious influences.

"Another really cool thing that we've just done is a famous biker movie theme tune that we've totally trashed; it actually sounds more like early '70s punk. I really changed it around a lot," he told Vive Le Rock [via Blabbermouth], without actually giving away the song title. "We might do another biker movie theme and totally destroy that, too, before we're through."

Other planned interpretations include takes on '60s poppers the Rascals and an unidentified track from the garage rock series Nuggets. Whichever song he handles, though, expect it to get a thoroughly demonic working-over. Danzig's not interested in just doing karaoke-styled covers.

"My opinion of covers is that unless you're going to change and take a cover in a new direction, it's gonna get put up against the old one and you're gonna lose," he explained. "It's like which would you rather listen to? The Righteous Brothers' 'Loving Feeling' or Hall and Oates' 'Loving Feeling'? It's like no fuckin way, duh?"

Well, you can't beat that logic. While he's currently recording a number of covers, Danzig plans on issuing the set as a seven- or eight-song EP when the time is right.