Danzig Cancels Show over Low Ceilings?

Danzig Cancels Show over Low Ceilings?
This past Tuesday (November 9), Twin Cities metalheads were priming themselves to pump their fists along to a Danzig performance at Minneapolis, MN club the Cabooze. Whether they were supposed to crank out classic like "Mother" or "Twist of Cain," or maybe a couple cuts of their recent Deth Red Sabaoth, people would have gone bonkers. Before the doors even opened though, frontman Glenn Danzig pulled the plug on the night. And why? According to the club, the singer felt that Cabooze's 15-foot-high ceiling was much too low for his liking.

In an interview with City Pages, club employee Michelle Metz explains that Danzig gave a lame duck answer before pulling out of the gig. The ceiling complaint becomes funnier once you factor in the diminutive dark lord's stature.

"His version was that the ceiling wasn't high enough," Metz said. "I don't know if the room wasn't big enough for his ego or... I don't know where he was coming from with the ceiling thing. He's too old to do gymnastics; I didn't get it. I can't even wrap my head around it. It's so convoluted."

Refunds were given to ticketholders following the hard rocker's departure, but the club purportedly lost a ton of dough because of the cancellation.

"It's disheartening. The whole thing is just sad," Metz added. "We're trying to recoup some of our losses here and we don't know where to start or stop. We tried everything to make the guy comfortable and it just wasn't working."

If you think that the club will forgive and forget, just check out Cabooze booker Jason Aukes's comments on the situation [via Star Tribune], not to mention the club's marquee, which read, "FUCK DANZIG" following the incident.

"His booking agent and management knew exactly what to expect," Aukes said, "and he would have, too, if he and gotten up off his butt and come down here earlier instead of making his crew set up all their gear for nothing."

Considering how irrational Danzig's demands appear to be, there has to be a more sinister explanation to his hasty exit. Here's a suggestion: dude realized he ran out of kitty litter.