Glenn Danzig Responds to Kitty Litter Photos

> Oct 28 2010

Glenn Danzig Responds to Kitty Litter Photos
By Josiah HughesWe're starting to see a trend when it comes to Glenn Danzig and Internet memes: he hates them. Earlier this year, Danzig was unimpressed with a popular comic book that depicted him as Henry Rollins's lover. Now, a candid shot of the former Misfits legend buying kitty litter has gone viral, and he's just as pissed.

Like the sad Keanu or the Leo strut, the kitty litter Danzig picture has all the makings of a viral sensation. The evil rocker has a deadly serious look on his face, long black hair and he's even wearing a Danzig T-shirt. For a brief moment, the image was heavily Photoshopped (see above) and gave Danzig fans a chuckle across the world.

In a recent interview with the self-serious rocker, Buzzgrinder just couldn't help but ask about the photo. Here's an excerpt from their exchange:

I don't know if you noticed, but a couple of weeks ago, a photo of you carrying some cat supplies home from the grocery hit the internet and…

Danzig: I don't care about that.

I didn't think so, but…

Danzig: Hey, you know what, why do people even care? Why are they wasting their lives on this? [laughs]

I guess it's just a weird thing, because there aren't many musicians who people…

Danzig: Follow with cameras? [laughs]

Exactly. There aren't many people who are Glenn Danzig.

Danzig: Yeah, but you know what… I just play music, you know what I mean? That's what I want to spend my time talking about.

We're guessing that means Danzig probably doesn't care about the fake kitty litter ad that was made out of the "Mother" music video (below). Let's just hope no one ever shows him this.

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It's funny because he takes himself so seriously. Dude's got to learn to laugh at himself.
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I wonder if he's seen the "Hips don't lie" bit.
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Danzig rocked in the Misfits, that shits funny but Danzig's music w/ the Misfits and his first few Danzig albums are awsome.
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