Danzig 7:77: I Luciferi

Ever since the solid and formal Danzig line-up dissolved in 1995, the dark demon of hard rock's musical output has been plagued by intermittent quality. Luckily for this release, which happens to be on yet another label, Danzig and company have stripped down the industrial and nu metal shades and have reverted somewhat back to the classic Danzig sound. The trademark groovy rock and strut are now back, making these sinister tracks the perfect accompaniment for a fetish ball party where into the wee hours the affair becomes downright dirty, masochistic and pornographic. And with every release Danzig's affinity for such things is becoming more and more obvious, present here with the questionably campy yet hard-hitting on the eyes artwork complete with photos of submissively hot females that stretch out under the Dalkiel Danzig's bulky black shadow. I Luciferi is definitely the best Danzig album since Danzig 4, and despite the lower-fi, self-produced sound quality, one can tell that some genuine blood, sweat, lustful fear and effort have been put into this platter of metal punishment. Bravo! (Spitfire)