Danny Elfman Accused of Sexual Misconduct by Second Woman

This summer, the composer was sued for failure to pay settlement from a 2018 sexual harassment lawsuit

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Oct 20, 2023

According to a new lawsuit obtained by Rolling Stone, Danny Elfman haws been accused of sexual misconduct by a second woman. The composer was sued earlier this year for failure to pay settlement from a 2018 sexual harassment lawsuit filed by Nomi Abadi.

The following article contains potentially triggering material relating to sexual assault and violence. If you believe you have experienced or witnessed sexual misconduct and are looking for support, consult the Canadian Resource Centre for Victims of Crime to find resources in your area.

Now, Elfman is facing a second lawsuit filed anonymously by a Jane Doe in Los Angeles yesterday (October 19). The filing claims that he frequently exposed himself to the complainant between 1997 (when she was 21) and 2002, and allegedly admitted to masturbating "every time" she was asleep next to him.

Jane Doe's attorney, Jeff Anderson, is the same one representing Abadi. "It's important to this Jane Doe that Nomi knows she's not alone anymore, that what was done to her by Elfman mirrors in so many ways what was done to Nomi," he said in a statement to Rolling Stone.

Abadi sued Elfman in July, accusing him of failing to pay two instalments of $42,500 USD from a $830,000 settlement deal they came to in 2018. She reportedly filed a police report in 2017, claiming that the composer had exposed himself and masturbated in front of her without consent on many occasions over the course of a year after they initially met in 2015.

Elfman denied Abadi's allegations, saying, "How do I respond to accusations so serious that being innocent is not a valid defense? It is excruciating to consider that a 50-year career may be destroyed in one news cycle as a result of vicious and wholly false allegations about sexual misconduct." 

A representative for the musician has also denied the new allegations. "The allegations of misconduct made against Mr. Elfman are baseless and absurd," they said in a statement to the publication. "His legal team is assessing all options and he will vigorously defend these claims in court." 

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