Danielson Recruits Sufjan Stevens, Jens Lekman for New LP

Danielson Recruits Sufjan Stevens, Jens Lekman for New LP
The last original release we got from Danielson (née Daniel Christopher Smith) was a shoe, which the eclectic rocker made with Vancouver's John Fluevog. As cool as that shoe was, we're happy to report that Danielson's next release will be of the musical variety, as he will put out Best of Gloucester County on February 22 via his own Sounds Familyre label.

Despite the title, this is not a best-of compilation A press release promises that the disc will offer Danielson's usual mix of chamber pop, psych rock, folk and gospel. The album "drives ultimately toward... more uncommon song structures, passing through some musical theatre and pop-inflected numbers."

As usual, Danielson made the album with the cast of supporting musicians, incluidng the Danielson Famile. The band have seen some turnover in recent years, with Danielson's brothers Andrew and David quitting the group, along with longtime collaborators Ted Velykis and Chris Palladino. In their place, Danielson recruited a new team that includes Sufjan Stevens on banjo and vocals, plus Jens Lekman contributing guest vocals to one song.

This new lineup reportedly means a new sound for Danielson, as "the rhythm section (which, in the past, was charming and lovely) sounds more like a rock'n'roll rhythm section than ever before, and the addition of an electric guitar player throughout means that the interplay between guitars, and the relationship between guitar and keys and glockenspiel, is quite a bit more dramatic, more cinematic."

We don't currently have a sample of what this is going to sound like, but you can tide yourself over by checking out the tracklist below.

Best of Gloucester County:

1. "Complimentary Dismemberment Insurance"
2. "This Day Is A Loaf"
3. "Grow Up"
4. "Lil Norge"
5. "But I Don't Wanna Sing About Guitars"
6. "People's Partay"
7. "Olympic Portions"
8. "You Sleep Good Now"
9. "Hovering Above That Hill"
10. "Denominator Bluise"
11. "Hosanna in the Forest"