Daniel Romano's Outfit Deliver Colourful "First Yoke" Video

The song is pulled from last year's 'How Ill Thy World Is Ordered'
Daniel Romano's Outfit Deliver Colourful 'First Yoke' Video
Daniel Romano's 2020 was almost impossible to keep track of, with the artist releasing an absurd amount of full-fledged albums. While Romano is giving us a moment to catch up, he's revisited one of many standouts — the Daniel Romano's Outfit album How Ill Thy World Is Orderedfor a brand new video.

The clip for "First Yoke" sees Romano and co. jamming out in a studio that kind of looks like the world's most delightful vintage office space, complete with '70s cubicles. It's a perfectly simple backdrop to showcase just how much Daniel Romano's Outfit rocks.

Watch the new video, which was directed by Carson McHone and Kenneth Roy Meehan, below.