D'Angelo Finally Reveals His New Album: 'Black Messiah'

D'Angelo Finally Reveals His New Album: 'Black Messiah'
Brace yourselves, D'Angelo fans: it seems that the unthinkable is happening, since the soul singer has finally announced a new album.

Before you get too excited, we should point out that the album doesn't yet have a release date or many proper details. But we do have a new title, Black Messiah, and a 15-second trailer to go along with it. Watch that trailer below; it includes a short snippet of wah-wah guitar noodling and start-stop drums. An accompanying hashtag reads, "#BlackMessiahComingSoon."

The music from the trailer appears to be the same as the song "1000 Deaths," which has been floating around online for a few years. That song is also below.

There's also a website that allows fans to RVSP for a Red Bull-sponsored listening party this Sunday (December 14) at the PH-D lounge of the Dream Hotel in New York City. This party suggests that the album will be credited to D'Angelo and the Vanguard. This RSVP seemingly confirms that the Black Messiah trailer is indeed connected to D'Angelo, since his name isn't actually attached to the video. This would suggest that the album is 100 percent complete.

Meanwhile Pitchfork points out that there are Black Messiah posters in Brooklyn, while Consequence of Sound points to images of what appear to be fully packaged CDs.

Assuming that everything here is as it seems, Black Messiah will be the agonizingly anticipated follow-up to 2000's Voodoo. Over the years, it's been rumoured to be called James River, and we've heard frequent promises that it will be out soon. For now, we're going to take all reports with a grain of salt until we're actually holding the album in our hands (or iPods).