Dan Walsh Diesel & Smokes

Erstwhile sideman to the much-traveled Fred J. Eaglesmith, the multi-talented Dan Walsh paints a vivid sonic picture of the touring life on his all-instrumental debut, recorded around Lake Erie and in "various motels throughout the southern United States.” First track "Geary Street” begins, suitably, with the sound of a car starting, and what follows is an earnest journey through Walsh’s musical influences and history. Whether leading the spry country-shuffle of "White Knuckle,” the old school honky tonk of the alarmingly titled "Swingin’ Johnson” or the blues rock of "Spark Plug,” Walsh’s adeptness at playing multiple instruments on each track (including, but not limited to, guitar, bass, drums, dobro and piano) renders the organic sound of the recording all the more remarkable. The aptly named "Lonely Road” closes the album in modestly epic fashion, a 9-plus minute thematic sweep that is a fine showcase for Walsh’s understated talents. Music to be listened to while driving alone at night. (Busted Flat)