Dan Friel Ghost Town

An utterly cosmic collision of crafty melodies, frantic beats and frazzled noise, Ghost Town, the debut full-length from Parts & Labor front-man Dan Friel, brings to mind another debut from a similarly named artist: Dan Deacon’s Spiderman of the Rings. Friel, however, eschews Deacon’s brand of cloying capriciousness in favour of complex, atmospheric compositions. He knows how to have fun but doesn’t come off as being kitschy. Constructed completely with electronic toy gizmos, keyboards and effects pedals, the eight anthemic tracks that comprise Ghost Town defy classification — the pop elements prevent it from being branded pure noise but it’s far too noisy to be pop music. Therein lies the beauty of Friel’s kinetic creations: a universal appeal that rises above classification. Ghost Town is a record that’s likely to be enjoyed by dance floor mavericks and beard-tweaking record store clerks alike. (Important)