Dan Deacon "When I Was Done Dying" (video)

Dan Deacon 'When I Was Done Dying' (video)
Baltimore-based electro-pop songsmith Dan Deacon recently released his latest LP Gliss Riffer, and now another track from the new album has been given some special visual treatment.
For the "When I Was Done Dying" video, Deacon teamed up with Adult Swim and a team of nine animators to craft the intricately designed and visually stunning clip. Chad VanGaalen's illustrations appear in the video, as does work by Jake Fried, KOKOFREAKBEAN, Anthony Francisco Schepperd, Caleb Wood, Taras Hrabowsky, Dmitiri Stankowicz, Colin White and Masanobu Hiraoka.
The colourful visuals take the viewer on a journey through a number of surreal settings with an assortment of crazy characters. Give it a watch below.
Gliss Riffer is out now via Domino.