Dan Bejar's Destroyer Offshoot Points Gray Seeks Funding for Vinyl Release

Dan Bejar's Destroyer Offshoot Points Gray Seeks Funding for Vinyl Release
Dan Bejar's prolific output has given us more than a few Destroyer and New Pornographers songs, but fans of the Vancouver singer-songwriter are about to get another dose of Dan via an unearthed recording sessions of his short-lived late '90s project Points Gray.

A donation page has been set up at Indiegogo to repress the trio's album Off Shore on LP. It had been originally released as a CD-R in a limited run of 100 on now-defunct Vancouver label 1777rex, and the proposed LP will arrive in a run of 500.

Points Gray was formed by July Forth Toilet leader Robert Dayton, who roped Bejar and Julian Lawrence into the project to deliver a batch of out-there, folk-influenced tunes. They performed one show under the name AIDS before settling on Points Gray.

"It's quite a brilliant document of this sort of turn-of-the-century music," Lawrence recently told the Georgia Straight. "I think it really captures the feeling that was going on at the time with Y2K and the whole millennium thing coming down. When Robert originally did it, he was calling it downer folk, but it ties into a whole history of folk music that goes back to the '60s."

You can listen to the gently strummed, banjo and acoustic guitar number "Growing Beards" down below.

The band is offering bonus incentives depending on how much fans are willing to donate, with prizes ranging from a download code of the disc to a personal call from Dayton, who "promises to be charming and wish you all the best."

You can donate to the fundraising campaign and get more details here. The goal is to raise $5,000.