Dan Auerbach "Waiting on a Song" (video)

Dan Auerbach 'Waiting on a Song' (video)
Black Keys dude Dan Auerbach is once again teasing his upcoming solo album Waiting on a Song, and this time it comes via a retro throwback video.

The clip is for the title track, and it very much has a Dazed & Confused sort of vibe. Featuring a gang of 1970s youths out to have "the best summer of our lives," we get to witness the crew sneak into bars, hit up some parties, cozy up with the ladies and smoke/drink a ton. All the while, Auerbach and his band make various cameos throughout.

You can watch the video, which was directed by Bryan Schlam, for yourself below.

Waiting on a Song is due out on June 2 via Easy Eye Sound.