Damon & Naomi Return with False Beats and True Hearts

Damon & Naomi Return with <i>False Beats and True Hearts</i>
Believe it or not, 2011 marks the 25th anniversary of Damon Krukowski and Naomi Yang playing music together. Back in 1986, the pair linked up with guitarist Dean Wareham in the cult act Galaxie 500, dropping three studio albums of luscious dream pop before splitting in the early '90s. Since then, Krukowski and Yang have worked together as the enigmatic soft poppers Damon & Naomi, who will be celebrating the occasion with a new a album.

The duo will unveil their latest, False Beats and True Hearts, on May 9, marking their first new studio album in four years.

Despite the lengthy break between albums, the band have kept relatively busy, between re-releasing all the Galaxie 500 albums, putting together the Damon & Naomi greatest-hits collection The Sub Pop Years and working on their 1001 Nights DVD, which documented a number of their performances. It seems all that strolling down memory lane had an effect on the duo.

False Beats and True Hearts opener "Walking Backwards" is being called "an ode to the joy of nostalgia and warmth of reflection" in the press release. To listen for yourself, you can download the song here.

As for False Beats and True Hearts itself, the album will arrive via Damon & Naomi's 20/20/20. You can see the album cover above and the tracklist below.

False Beats and True Hearts:

1. "Walking Backwards"
2. "How Do I Say Goodbye"
3. "Shadow Boxing"
4. "Ophelia"
5. "Nettles and Ivy"
6. "What She Brings"
7. "Embers"
8. "And You Are There"
9. "Helsinki"