The Damned's Tiki Nightmare: Live Live Live

BY Kerry DoolePublished Feb 14, 2013

The Damned were at the vanguard of original British punk, up there with the Sex Pistols and the Clash. They were the first of that class of '76 to release an album and the first to tour America. During their first five years, they delivered a healthy number of punk rock classics, and it's no surprise they deliver an entertaining live DVD, taken from a hometown London performance in 2002. This lineup featured original singer Dave Vanian and guitarist Captain Sensible, though sadly not Rat Scabies, one of punk's very best drummers. Goth pinup Patricia Morrison (Sisters of Mercy) is on bass, flashing eye-catching cleavage; she is also appealingly eloquent in the extensive interview footage, which is a valuable extra. The Damned were always one of the funnest punk bands live and that's captured here. Captain (not very) Sensible is in fine form and he gets to do his solo hit, "Happy Talk." Vanian also looks and sounds the part, though the group's sound moves from three-chord punk territory to more mainstream rock'n'roll and psychedelia on some of their later material. Tiki Nightmare comes alive in the second half as they rip through such classics as "Neat Neat Neat," "New Rose," "Smash It Up," "Eloise" and "It's A Love Song" "Original fans will dig this, and punk rock lovers unfamiliar with the Damned should do themselves a favour and check this out.
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