Dala Who Do You Think You Are?

Dala consist of Toronto-based artists Sheila Carabine and Amanda Walther, but if we could refer to the duo by a more flowery term, they’d be the angels of folk music. Ethereal, eloquent and downright beautiful, the music they create is faultlessly performed, right down to the last note. "Who Do You Think You Are?” introduces the record, its airy guitars easing the listener into the mist and innocence that’s to come. "Anywhere Under The Moon” takes an upbeat turn, playing with the ladies’ vocals to create layers of dreamy harmonies but it’s "Marilyn Monroe” that steals the show. Brightly coloured and sprinkled with gentle acoustics, it’s a track that’ll get the toes tapping and shoulders shimmying. As a whole, the record is a pristine product from a couple of driven, ambitious women who possess the natural singing/songwriting ability to charm listeners’ heart and cuddle into the spirit. (Universal)