Daedelus Signs to Anticon for 'Drown Out' LP

Daedelus Signs to Anticon for 'Drown Out' LP
Long-running Los Angeles beatmaker Alfred Darlington hasn't released an album as Daedelus since 2011's Bespoke. That will change this year, however, as the artist has readied a new record on a new imprint.

 The new release is called Drown Out, and marks Daedelus's first for indie hip-hop and electronic label Anticon.

According to a press release, the record is "Daedelus's most elegiac album. His debut for Anticon is a heart-on-sleeve meditation devoted to loss, coded language and the maddening failures of communication. And yet one can still bob one's head to it."

The artist himself had some words to describe the record. "Music can be this ultimate form of poetry — a place to express huge ideas and a whole range of emotion in a few minutes," he said in a statement. "But it can fall short because no one can quite share in the experience as much as you feel yourself. Someone can empathize, but your melancholy ultimately rests in you. Title the songs, name the album, but the music is what speaks in the end."

 If it sounds like there's a tinge of sadness in what he's saying, that's because there is. During the making of this album, Darlington lost his grandmother, along with his close friend Austin Peralta. Another family member's debilitating illness has forced him to take an extended break from touring.

All of that crops up on Drown Out, along with the artist's love of genre-mashing, which will surely result in a fascinating, heart-wrenching LP.

We'll find out when Anticon releases the new album on September 17, with the vinyl due to drop a little later on October 1. For now check out the album track "Paradiddle" below.