Daedelus Reveals New Album 'What Wands Won't Break'

Hear the record's "Sunflower Stems" now
Daedelus Reveals New Album 'What Wands Won't Break'
Since 2013, Daedelus has been working at an album-a-year clip, and the producer has now announced a new effort for 2020 to keep the streak alive.

The prolific L.A. beatsmith will share new full-length What Wands Won't Break on May 8 through Dome of Doom, making the follow-up to last year's The Bittereinders.

Where The Bitterenders was conceived as "a bookend to the tranquil and exotic worlds" Daedelus had dreamed up for Flying Lotus's Brainfeeder label, the 50-minute, 23-track What Wands Won't Break is said to capture the producer's "wildest outskirts into dance music, maximized in volume, tonality, and rhythmic propulsion every second."

"Here is my stripped back raw rhythms that only momentarily dawdle in melody," Daedelus explained in a statement. "It's the distentions of polite sources into genre specific tempo to make sounds I've cobbled together live, but never committed to record previously. Let the mystical be plain to see, but only implied, as the only whisper on this loudly album."

What Wands Won't Break also finds Daedelus drawing influence from the work of revered L.A. producer Ras G, who passed away last year.

"Every time we'd play Ras would push each fader and ever knob to the max even before hitting a 404 pad, he'd say it was 'how it needed to sound,'" Daedelus reflected. "I'd be dubious because going 'into the red' induces distortion of the audio signal, it changes the harmonic content. As if amplification could ever be pristine? I'm grateful for their questioning of what we are intoning. This record is reaching for exultation and exclamation. Bass boosted. Transient inflated. Loud."

A first song arrives today in "Sunflower Stems," which you can hear following the tracklist.

What Wands Won't Break:

1. Cauldron
2. Chimera
3. Querent
4. Fettle
5. Clairaudience
6. Glint (ft. Wylie Cable)
7. Phoenix Down
8. Sunflower Stems
9. Narwhale
10. Noble Metal
11. Datura
12. Unyielding
13. Tynged
14. Laurel
15. Crux
16. Basalt
17. Henosis
18. Brandish
19. Chiliad
20. Mahogany
21. Drubbing
22. Zenith
23. Yew and Me