Daedelus Righteous Fists of Harmony

The imagination of Daedelus prevails once again with Righteous Fists of Harmony, released on Flying Lotus's Brainfeeder label. The 26-minute, eight-track EP is a winding narrative filled with subtle complexity that easily crosses musical boundaries. Righteous Fists of Harmony unfolds like a dream; the warm, rich oboes of opener "An Armada Approaches," swelling to include stuttered beats, slides right into the simple, plucked strings of "Tidal Waves Uprising." Reverberated electroclashes ripple across the empyreal "The Open Hand Avows" and "Order of the Golden Dawn" continues the airy dream sequence with light, tropical bossa nova. The eight tracks range from vignettes to full stories, but the album's consistency and complexity, solid through and through, make Righteous Fists of Harmony another success for Daedelus. (Brainfeeder)