Daedelus For Withered Friends / Touchtone

Rock and electro DJs, venue sound people and fans of intelligent music could all use this disc. The remix CD has four mixes of two Daedelus songs (both from the Love To Make Music To LP), making eight total tracks. On For Withered Friends we find four highly diverse versions with changing vocals, melody configurations and instrumentations. Even the title changes. "Far Weathered Friends" (the Death Set cover version) is punk electronic, whereas "Fair Weather Friends" (the Death Set reset) is pumped electro. Nonetheless one same melodic interval draws them all together. The mixes are diverse enough for a DJ to play a couple versions in one set. "Touchtone" has some intense rhyming by Taz and Paperboy, and the Kypski remix shines with a sweet-groove piano part about halfway through. On the other hand, the Thavius Beck version seems sinister and threatening. The amazing thing about this record is its ability to take a single song and turn it in a completely fresh direction, four times over, without losing the original flavour. (Ninja Tune)