BY Eva ZhuPublished Mar 16, 2020

D.O.A., Vancouver's legendary punk kings and one of the founders of hardcore punk, waste no time letting listeners know they hate Donald Trump and all of his allies. Treason, their 18th full-length album, would probably get them banned from the United States if Trump could help it.
The album begins with "All the President's Men," a big ol' "fuck you" to not only Trump, but every member of his administration and all the other dictator-like leaders in the world. "Wait Till Tomorrow" is a painful reminder that many refugees don't have one. "Desperation and sorrow / It's all you have known" is just one of the rage-inducing lines.
Their punk rock makeover of Neil Young's "Hey Hey, My My" is one of the more mellow songs on Treason, probably to break up the savage takedowns of corrupt politicians. It's a pretty great take on a classic by another Canadian legend. D.O.A. would probably sucker punch Trump, Mitch McConnell, and all their cronies if given the chance, because "Set You Straight" is basically a two-minute-and-33-second threat. It's such an anthem.
Treason is the perfect album to listen to if you want to punch a hole in a nearby wall because of this global dumpster fire, but can't afford to lose the security deposit.
(Sudden Death)

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