Dâm-Funk "Won't Stop" / "FUNK"

Dâm-Funk 'Won't Stop' / 'FUNK'
Though Dâm-Funk set us up with some electro smoothness late last year with the release of Invite the Light, he's now illuminating our lives with yet another couple of synth-modeled groovers. Apparently prepped in the studio just last night (February 21), "Won't Stop" and "FUNK" are both streaming now.

"Won't Stop" is classic Dâm-Funk, and sets us up with a laid-back snap, a gutsy synth-bass, and plenty of menthol Kool-haziness for a lead synth line to soar over.

"FUNK" is more hard-hitting, with the principal keyboard melody landing a bit meaner than the other track; the choppy digital hi-hat rhythm plays out like a rattler's warning. The song title is also unnervingly spelled out with haunted whispers, as ominously echoed tones rise in the mix.

You'll find the two latest sides of Dâm-Funk down below.