D-Sisive "Jonah Hill"

D-Sisive 'Jonah Hill'
Have you ever wondered who would play the lead role in a film about your life? D-Sisive clearly has, and he tells us all about it on his new song "Jonah Hill."

The cinematic, heart-warming backing music comes from Hilltop Hoods' Maverick Sabre-featuring "Won't Let You Down." D-Sisive offers a very vivid glimpse of his future funeral as it would be portrayed in a biopic, admitting that he will probably go to hell rather than heaven and suggesting that Jonah Hill will be playing his role in the casket. The song ends with a humourous rant about some kids laughing at his shoes. The tune was produced by Cam Bluff and mixed by Muneshine.

Listen below. This song comes from the forthcoming mixtape The Great Mr. Nobody, due out on September 16. D-Sisive will celebrate its arrival with a release party on September 19 at Toronto's Rancho Relaxo.