Curtis Waters Shares New Singles "HIMBO" and "God's Lonely Man"

Watch the joint music video presented by After School Program

BY Ben OkazawaPublished Mar 17, 2023

Curtis Waters has shared two new singles from his upcoming album Bad Son, arriving May 19. The Nepal-born, Calgary-raised musician known for bending the rules of pop music puts his versatility on full display with the drastically different tracks "HIMBO" and "God's Lonely Man."

Waters wrote "HIMBO" directly following the viral success of his single "Stunnin'" with the intent of following up his first big hit with a cocky track. Although it wasn't released until nearly three years later, "HIMBO" certainly delivers the character Waters wanted to channel. His fuzzy vocals ooze swagger over a punchy electro beat as he sings: "Make these bitches mad / I make these bitches scream and want some more / Got no ice up on my neck, yeah, but you know I got the dough."

"God's Lonely Man" is almost the inverse of its counterpart, with introspective lyrics and a pensive hip-hop beat. He explained in a statement:

In my head this external attention had finally validated my existence and feeling it slow down was destroying my ego. I started thinking about why I had always been so desperate about becoming famous growing up. Ever since I immigrated to Canada when I was 10, I had this idea that I would become rich and famous and be able to support my family and that pressure didn't go away even after finding that success. I was very scared I would feel like nobody again.

The accompanying visuals from After School Program start with "HIMBO" and transition seamlessly to "God's Lonely Man" to show that the two songs are written about the same topic from different perspectives. "The video helps tie together that 'God's Lonely Man' is just this vulnerable jester child deep within this flamboyant and hedonistic 'HIMBO' character," said Waters.

Watch the "HIMBO / God's Lonely Man" music video below. 

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