Curtains Calamity

Deerhoof’s Chris Cohen lets an inspired creative outburst guide him to writing 13 enigmatic pop songs as the Curtains. "Green Water” has an unsteady gait, like a lurching CCR malfunctioning during "Fortunate Son” only to find their feet for timely explosions. The Beatles-esque psych rock of "The Thousandth Face” is trippy and "World’s Most Dangerous Woman” has a delicate, dreamy feel, conjuring up a soft VU song. Raucous guitars hide in the bushes during "Tornado Traveler’s Fear,” while the title track nods at Pavement before heading back to the ’60s. "Brunswick Stew” is a heady stab at free jazz and "Fell on a Rock and Broke It” is a Kinks-y bit of math rock. The twists and turns of the Curtains truly are refreshing and unpredictable. (Asthmatic Kitty)