Cursed Arrows

Telepathic High Five

BY Scott A. GrayPublished Jan 15, 2010

A name tweak and a shot of adrenaline are welcome in the second offering from one of Canada's best fresh rock bands. Telepathic High Five finds Guelph's thunderous twosome adding "Cursed" to the formerly lonesome "Arrows" of their moniker, likewise expanding their sound into a more sprawling, grinding, exploratory beast. Sludgy slabs of dissonant, augmented power chords lead a blazing charge of pummelling drum work and vocal harmonies threatening to tear with passion with each climax. Even in tender moments like swinging pseudo-power ballad "Deep Wounds" there's a fierce urgency and refusal to play it safe in the band's entire delivery that make them eminently engaging. To try to define this music as post-rock, progressive grunge, new wave grind punk or something similarly ridiculous and loosely compartmentalizing is missing the point. Telepathic High Five is evolved rock music demonstrating the restless spirit of artists who take their message as seriously as the rest of their craft, and that's a recipe for timeless songwriting. Highly recommended rock with brains, balls and ovaries.

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