Cursed Arrows "She's Gone" (Hall and Oates cover) (video)

Cursed Arrows 'She's Gone' (Hall and Oates cover) (video)
Considering Cursed Arrows' raw garage-blues sound, we wouldn't have pegged Hall and Oates as one of their influences. Nevertheless, the band have recreated the celebrated pop act's song "She's Gone" for their Classic Covers series.

The band's rendition is very faithful to the original, from the gently harmonized soft-rock groove right down to the awkward video featuring the singers sitting blankly in a pair of easy chars. Even the presence of Cursed Arrows' mega-distorted guitars can't rob this one of its tuneful sweetness.

On YouTube, Cursed Arrows describes Hall and Oates as "one of Jack E's mom's favourite bands, and thus an unintentional early influence on the female half of Cursed Arrows." Other instalments in the band's Classic Covers series include "Wild Eyes" by the Stampeders and "Lungs" by Townes Van Zandt.