Cursed Arrows 'Jimmy's Dead' (album stream)

Cursed Arrows 'Jimmy's Dead' (album stream)
Long-running blues-punk duo Cursed Arrows apparently experienced quite a bit of hardship and triumph since issuing their 2013's Sonic Union, with both sides reflected on the band's just-dropped follow-up, Jimmy's Dead. The cathartic, fully improvised LP was released today (February 12) and is streaming now.

A message from the band notes that the eight-song release "comes on the heels of a challenging few years of miscarriages, life-threatening seizure and ultimately, the birth of our healthy new little son named Fox."

The record was improvised on the spot, with the act taking influence from Patti Smith, Public Image Ltd and Kim Gordon's Body/Head project.

Down below, you'll find the slopped-up and scary garage punk title track, the cavernous moans of "Bottom of the Hole," acoustic blues piece "I Waited," ambitious and airy vocal piece "Fleet Street," and more.

There, you'll also find a trailer for an impending documentary about the band's decade-long career. Stolen Sex Tapes is expected to screen in the spring.