Cursed Blackout at Sunrise

Doomsayers waiting for that elusive third full-length from the black cloud known as Cursed will have to keep waiting, much like that apocalypse that is supposed to hit every couple years but never materialises. With that new record scheduled to drop sometime late in the year (hopefully), Blackout at Sunrise is a short teaser to tide the devoted over, however, its three songs clocking in at under 13 minutes tease more than tide. The titular opener may have been better served in the number two spot, as it’s a slow, oppressive builder reminiscent of early Melvins before bringing the mid-paced trudge. "The Hands Will Abide” is Cursed at their rampaging best, the ferocious chainsaw guitars clear cutting all in their path while singer Chris Colohan spews acid. Closer "Hawaii” is a cover of Winnipeg noise rock legends Kittens that translates exceptionally, retaining the Kittens’ frenzied mania. Merely whetting the appetite, the wait is on for III. (Goodfellow)