Cuff the Duke Sign to Paper Bag for New Two-Part Album

Cuff the Duke Sign to Paper Bag for New Two-Part Album
When Cuff the Duke released Way Down Here back in 2009, they started their own Noble Recording Co. especially for the release. Evidently they have decided to change things up again, since the band have now signed to Paper Bag Records for their next LP. On October 4, the Toronto-based label will release Cuff the Duke's fifth full-length, Morning Comes.

This is the first half of a planned two-part album. In a press release, frontman Wayne Petti opened up about the inspiration behind the LPs: "These albums are about dealing with loss of someone and the change that brings to one's life. The confusion and loneliness that occurs at that point in someone's life. Coming to grips with the reality of those things. By the end of this record we start to make peace with this and come to terms with it. All these songs are about that. They deal with a similar theme and emotion but still wondering in the back of our minds whether there will be a point to all of it. That's what the second record will be about. Embracing what has happened and navigating down new roads. This album is the low and the next album will be the high."

The sessions were helmed by returning producer Greg Keelor of Blue Rodeo, and the first single is called "Count on Me." The tracklist is below, and includes an "eight-minute epic" called "Bound to Your Advice." Expect Cuff the Duke to embark on a fall tour once the album is on shelves.

Morning Comes:

1. "When the Time Is Right"
2. "You Don't Know What It's Like
3. "Count on Me"
4. "Standing on the Edge"
5. "Brightest Part of the Sun"
6. "Bound to Your Advice"
7. "So Many Times Before"
8. "Drag Me Down"
9. "Letting Go"