Melody's Echo Chamber "Crystallized" (video)

Melody's Echo Chamber 'Crystallized' (video)
Last year, French singer Melody Prochet turned some heads by teaming up with Tame Impala for the debut album from Melody's Echo Chamber. Now, that self-titled album's lead single, "Crystallized," has gotten its own music video.

This video treatment for this phaser-laden psych-pop tune is appropriately heady. It's filled with rapidly repeating images, candles, romantic intimacy, and, ultimately, chaos.

Director Zaiba Jabbar said in a statement, "The track has a very mellifluous syncopation to it, built from many repetitious looped sounds, so in the film I wanted to visually connect these sounds to simple actions exploring the imminent demise of love. By that I mean the beauty of the beginning and the end and the recursive behaviour that those feelings inspire in between."

Melody's Echo Chamber is available through Fat Possum Records.

This clip premiered on Noisey. Watch it below.