Cro-Mags' Harley Flanagan Claims "Self-Defence" in Concert Stabbing Incident

Cro-Mags' Harley Flanagan Claims 'Self-Defence' in Concert Stabbing Incident
Over the weekend, a New York hardcore concert was disrupted when former Cro-Mags bassist Harley Flanagan allegedly forced his way into a backstage dressing room and stabbed current members Michael Couls and William Bereraio, as well as bit Bereraio on the cheek. The details of the incident are still sketchy, but Flanagan has issued a statement claiming he acted in "self-defence."

A statement from the punk vet and his lawyer has been delivered to NY Natives that will be published in full sometime later this week. The message apparently refutes previous reports about the violence, adding that Flanagan was not the aggressor in the situation.

The current Cro-Mags members were taken to the hospital for their injuries, while a scuffle with security left Flanagan with a broken leg.

As you can see in this picture, Couls is still healing his wounds in the hospital, and the four-stringer's family has set up a PayPal account to help "absorb the extraordinary expenses accrued from having been stabbed multiple times and hospitalized -- with no insurance." You can Paypal funds to [email protected]

Also, Flanagan has set up a defence fund over here.